Initial Behaviour Assessment Call – Your opportunity to speak to me to see how I can help you, your child and your family. 

Behaviour Transformation Programme – (Package 1)

Three sessions in your home or online. Talking to you and working on a one to one basis with your child.  Every session focuses on your child, their emotions and their behaviour.  I teach your child strategies to transform their behaviour.

“Anne worked with my son last summer when he was going through an extremely tough time managing his big emotions. The impact she had on improving his self esteem was amazing. He was having a very tough time understanding himself and his differences and how to ‘fit in’. With the work Anne did with him one to one he built some self respect and in turn and time, respect for us. We are almost a year on and both we and my son talk about Anne and her work often. He has learnt to understand himself more and still uses the strategies he and Anne came up with when his impulsive reactions to emotions get the better of his decision making! I would definitely recommend Behaviour First Consultancy.”
Parent Testimonial

Behaviour Transformation Programme with Emotional Support – (Package 2)

This is also three sessions in your home or online – the structure of the sessions is the same, as this works for the child and is effective with behaviour change.  Every session focuses on your child, their emotions and their behaviour.  I teach your child strategies to transform their behaviour.  This package also involves me working closely with you and supporting you.  This package includes extensive additional support.

“My Daughter is a different child now but I don’t know where she/we would be if we did not have Anne’s help. I would recommend Anne to anyone with similar issues, as the suffering that many children go through, is too great to ignore. I know there has been an increase in anxiety in teenagers and I believe the help is needed sooner rather than later. I think those sessions should be provided by the schools to all children.”
A Parent’s Testimonial

A parent of a 14 year old girl I supported with severe anxiety, panic attacks and depression. 5.3.2020

“You’ve made me feel safe talking about my feelings. You’ve taught me ways to calm myself and ways of making me feel better. I felt lost and helpless before and now I know I have worth and it is okay to be sad, but I also need to move on and grow from it.”
A Teenager’s Testimonial

A teenager I worked with to stop her severe anxiety, lack of confidence, low self-esteem and transformed her mindset and her life. 1.2.2020

Parent Strategy Support Call – this is two 45 minute phone, Skype or Zoom calls where we discuss your child’s behaviour and I give you tailored strategies for you to implement with your child at home. 

Mentoring for Mindset and Motivation sessions – these are individual sessions where I work with your child to transform their mindset and motivation.  Each session is 45 minutes. 

Coaching for Confidence sessions – these are individual sessions where I work with your child to improve their confidence, raise self-esteem and reduce anxiety.  Each session is 45 minutes. 

Tailored Therapy sessions – These are individual sessions that are tailored to your child’s needs, what they need to discuss, what they are dealing with and what they need support to work through. Each session is 45 minutes.

Bespoke Workshops – Let me know what you need and I will create a Bespoke Workshop to achieve your desired outcomes. 

Staff Training for Schools and Educators – Helping head teachers create their dream school through training and facilitating effective student/teacher communication to promote positive behaviour, developing a whole school approach. 

“Anne gave us an insight into how she got to know the children and families and worked with them, she spoke about “motivational factors” and what the children gain and want to know.  Triggers of certain behaviours and ways to deal with challenging behaviour.  The information we all took was great and we are excited to attend further training.  Thanks.  Carrie.”
Carrie – Pre-School Manager, Bedfordshire

Delegates from staff training I delivered to Early Years Educators in Bedford.

“Amazing training…A real balance of practical, top-tips, personal accounts, knowledge and learning.  Got your message across. Came across friendly, highly professional and great at what you do.”

“Anne – I could have listened to that lady all day.  Love Anne’s personal touch and it relates to our jobs.   Anne is amazing.”

“Loved the interaction – I feel a real selling point.”

Parenting Workshops – Delivering Workshops in your setting to encourage positive parenting, positive behaviour and enhance your school/home relationship.

“Anne, thank you for your exceptional work in supporting our little haven in Bletchley …. another heartwarming afternoon, parents embracing the opportunity, children welcome and staff proud, thank you.” “And this is why we love welcoming Anne at Saplings … totally in sync with our style. Huge huge heartfelt thanks for your support in delivery, such a huge impact, confidence was flowing all over today.”
Children’s Centre Testimonial