“Ethan was struggling at school academically and with his behaviour. He started to rebel and became disruptive and difficult at school. Everything the school did to try to make him behave failed and we started to get very concerned about his future. When Mrs Goldsmith took over his class we almost immediately noticed a change in his behaviour towards school, he seemed happier to go in, came home talking about what he’d learnt and didn’t seem to be getting into so much trouble.
Mrs Goldsmith was calm and quiet when dealing with Ethan. She had calm, reflective ways to deal with his behaviour and made him reflect on his behaviour. She not only saved Ethan from what could have been a very slippery slope academically, but also restored his faith in school and teachers.”

Mrs Avery

“Making people feel comfortable to talk about anything no matter how sensitive and emotionally challenging. Sympathetic but no-nonsense attitude.  Fantastic sense of humour.  Patient and honest.”

Miss Worrell

“When you get to the point of exhausting all your own options and need additional support, Anne is who you need. She is calm, reassuring, understanding and professional. Life will no longer be a constant battlefield of unhappiness. Would recommend her without question.”
Mrs Sullivan (mum of EJ) – August 2016

“Home is no longer a war zone. We both know our limits and try not to go over them. If we do feel cross or angry, we leave the other to calm down. There is more discussion rather than shouting at each other. EJ now knows what his triggers are…Definitely a positive improvement…Home is now a happy place…I cannot explain how happy I am. Being just the two of us, I tried to deal with everything myself (I always do, that’s me!) but I got to the point when I knew I needed to ask for help. I am so grateful that Anne was able to come and help us. Anne helped me and EJ get back on track, gain the relationship that at the time seemed lost. We take each day as a positive new beginning. It’s all good. Anne has helped us so much and I know she will definitely help others as she is the calm and reassuring person they need. She would make such a difference working with children in schools too.”
Mrs Sullivan (mum of EJ) – August 2016

“This was so the right career move for you!”
Mrs Sullivan (mum of EJ) – January 2017

“I was shocked at how fun it was. I thought it was just talking…They [the sessions] have helped me not to get angry and me and my mum don’t have a fall out.”
EJ – year 5, age 9 – August 2016

“I expected boring, being told to do things but it was fun stuff, making things to help my stress. You’ve given me tactics to help and talked to me about why it happens. I haven’t been as angry. It helps me more at school. I am not angry anymore and I will enjoy learning.

AS – a year 6 boy, age 10. September 2016

There is an improvement to AS’s behaviour, he seems a little bit calmer, but the main thing is he calms down quicker if he gets upset. AS does less shouting which means a nice atmosphere and morale has improved. AS listens better if something is upsetting him and has been calmer when explaining incidents. His teachers have commented that whilst still upset, he can talk to them now. He is calmer and working on his anxiety issues. AS has enjoyed the sessions and wanted to participate which is brilliant. We’re very happy with AS’s Behaviour Policy…Thank you for everything. “

AS’s mum September 2016

“My son had lost some of his confidence, he is on the ASD spectrum so gets very anxious, cross and angry. When he is at school he holds it in and when he comes home we can have major meltdowns. Thank you so much Anne – since she has done 1-2-1 sessions with my son and done a behaviour transformation plan he is a lot more relaxed, when a meltdown did happen he calmed himself down a lot quicker. When I asked my son whether Anne had helped, he said “YES”. I would definitely recommend Anne. She was very patient and reassuring with my son.”
Sarah Godleman – Oct 2016

“Thank you for your text yesterday.
He has had a brilliant birthday. Had a bit of a meltdown when we went for a walk on Saturday. When he went to bed yesterday he said he had a really good day!! ☺
Also when he went to sleep he had found a sleep app to listen to. [As I had suggested]
Went round Shenley on Thursday and he was very relaxed and was asking to see things i.e. cold canteen. We were there 2 3/4 hours so I think we saw everything. On Friday he got his treat at Frankie and Benny’s!!
He loved his new bedroom furniture so everything really positive.
Nathan seems a lot more positive and really liked the behaviour plan!! ☺
Wasn’t sure whether to show Ali the behaviour plan??
Thank you so much for all your help.”
Sarah and Lee 11th October 2016 (Taken from the client’s email to me after the sessions had finished.)

“More good news Ali said to me today how impressed with Nathan she is and he even helped her tidy up yesterday!!
Also Nathan’s reading books are usually still quite basic [because of his dyslexia] but he has chosen a thicker book and has set himself a challenge to finish it by the end of half term!!!! He never wants to read!!!!!
Again, thank you so much!”
Sarah 19th October 2016 (Taken from the client’s email to me weeks after the sessions had finished.)

“So proud, he came 9 out of 122!! 🙂 He is on such a high!! Also got an amazing school report! 🙂 🙂 So very proud parents. 🙂 (I sent Sarah a text asking about Nathan’s cross country competition.)
This was Sarah’s reply on 5th November 2016 (a text from mum a month after his final session.)

“In the past when Nathan has been playing games he has always wanted to be in control. I was listening to him yesterday and he was playing Minecraft and he was asking to do a thing and for help rather than just taking it!!

I will be there on Saturday at Send day so quite happy to talk to people, as you made such a difference to Nathan and William” ☺☺
An email sent to me by Sarah Godleman – February 2017 – 3 months after my sessions had finished


“Hi Anne,

I just thought you should know that Will has had an AMAZING day at school today, he has been your Hero & ours.

He is here with me while I send this email as we wanted you & him to know how proud we are.

Will didn’t really participate [in the Christmas play] but he did get changed. And sang merry Christmas at the end 🎅🏼😍😍.

He’s left my side now but I wanted you to know that he’d had his first great day in a very long time”😀😀

Angie & Ady Norton – Will’s Mum and Dad – (Will – Year 2) (The day after our first session and two days before school closed for Christmas) December 2016

 “Hi Anne,

Happy New Year to you all, Lapland was fantastic & Will was amazing, nothing fazed him. We had a small issue when he went in to see Santa but we came out calmed down & went back in again. You can do that when you are in his house you know lol.

He went back to school yesterday & had a fantastic day from his lips & his teachers.

He had a moment but took himself away from the situation until he was supergreen then came back 🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

I’m hoping today has been just as good as he told his dad he enjoyed his day yesterday.

I can’t wait to see you after you have been into school.

Thank you.”

Angie & Ady Norton – Will’s Mum and Dad (An email after the Christmas holidays) 5th January 2017

 “Hi Anne, he was fine today

Supergreen 😊

He knows it’s Wednesday though.

School has been good, so far.” x x x

Angie & Ady Norton (An email on 11th January 2017 – Wednesdays are the day of our sessions)

 “He’s had a fantastic day at school, then we had his appraisal at explore learning & he is smashing it!!!

Super proud!!!

Thanks again sooo much.” x

Angie & Ady Norton (An email on 14th January 2017)

“Thank you so much for helping my baby boy get back to us.  He has been so much happier since he started seeing you.  Thank you for letting my Superhero out.  With lots of love Angie, Ady, Izzie and of course Will (The Superhero)” xxx

Angie & Ady Norton (Thank you card on 16th January 2017)

 “Will has been handing out your business cards to any visitors we have.  He tells people that if they’re sad or something is wrong – you’re the person to make them happy.  He even came up to me the other day and asked me how I was feeling.  I told him that I was fine – supergreen!  He then said “OK, you don’t need one of these then.”  Then he walked away with your business card in his hand.

(A conversation with Angie on 16th January 2017)

They [the sessions] are good and I feel open to say anything.  I thought it was going to be much more scary and nerve wracking, but the sessions make me feel much more comfortable. I can say anything I want to.  Yes [the sessions have helped my brother] he has become more calm.  They have helped him to not get so angry.  They have helped me to stop worrying. You were a really good help.   [You could help other children having difficulties with their behaviour by] calm them down and talk about things. 

F.A-B. Aged 13 – older brother of B.A-B  (December 2016)


[The sessions] “Were fun.  [They were] a lot more complex than I would think.”  [I enjoyed] “Making things and other interesting things”   [Do you think the sessions have helped you with your behaviour?]  “Yes.  It has made me think more about it – to help me understand good.”  [What have I done to help you?] “To tell me things that are good”.  [How is life since completing the Behaviour Transformation Programme?] “It has evacuated the dispeace.  I have been a lot more good.”  [In your opinion, how do you think I could help other children having difficulties with their behaviour?]  “Help them understand things well – good/bad and tell them to think ahead.”

B.A-B. Aged 11 (Year 7)  (December 2016)

A Testimonial from a Very Grateful Mum for helping her son and her Whole Family.

I pride myself on having excellent relationships with the parents of the children that I work with. This is feedback from Angie Norton (Will’s mum) during our one month follow up conversation after the completion of her son’s Behaviour Transformation Programme sessions.

“1000% more positive than negative…he knows he can’t be Super green all of the time…We’re so proud of him and how far he’s come. [We often ask him] what would Anne say? He’s getting play times at school and making friends instead of staying in and finishing his work…You’ve not just helped Will – you’ve helped us as a family…For the first time ever he’s having a party – that’s massive…He’s let his friends play with his remote control tanks…He had a positive parents evening. Very good. His reading age is 9 years and 10 months – everything else is on par…Will got a Head Teacher’s Award for the first time in 3 years…I’ve recommended you to friends…” Will’s mum Angie (Will – year 2) – February 2017

“Hi lovely, he had a fantastic birthday & we’ve just had 1 full week of awesomeness from him; we are really proud of him.
Congratulations on the nomination!! [I told her that I’m a finalist in the SME Buckinghamshire Business Awards 2017] I bet you are proud I’ve got everything crossed for you.
Please feel free to use everything in your last email & anything I’ve previously OK’d too.
He loved your email yesterday too x x x
Hope all is well speak soon
Your superhero Will & Co xxx x”
Will’s mum Angie (Will – year 2) – March 2017
(An email 2 months after my sessions with Will)