Success Stories

Success Stories

Meeting up with Ethan for a chat for the first time in 3 years.
Meeting up with Owen for a chat for the first time in 2 years.

Ethan and Owen’s Success Story

Ethan was in year two when Mrs Goldsmith became his teacher, at this time Ethan was struggling at school academically and with his behaviour.  During previous years he had been bullied and picked on and had lost all self-esteem and confidence.  He had a few true friends and had also lost faith in the teachers as they had not stopped the bullying.  He started to rebel and became disruptive and difficult at school.  Everything the school did to try to make him behave failed and we started to get very concerned about his future.  His behaviour at home was normal it was just at school that Ethan struggled. 

When Mrs Goldsmith took over his class we almost immediately noticed a change in his behaviour towards school, he seemed happier to go in, came home talking about what he’d learnt and didn’t seem to be getting into so much trouble. 

Mrs Goldsmith was calm and quiet when dealing with Ethan and taking him aside to speak to him and remind him how to behave rather than embarrassing him in front of the rest of the class.  She had calm, reflective ways to deal with his behaviour and made him reflect on his behaviour. 

Ethan enjoyed the way she taught the class and always said she made it interesting and fun.  Ethan soon started to improve academically and his behaviour improved quickly. 

Mrs Goldsmith’s attention to improving Ethan’s behaviour and learning in a calm and kind manner, not only saved Ethan from what could have been a very slippery slope academically, but also restored his faith in school and teachers. 

Ethan is now doing very well, he’s mostly working to expected levels and is making good progress.  We do not believe this would be the case without Mrs Goldsmith’s intervention and hard work.  She never gave up on Ethan and turned his school life around.

Owen was in Mrs Goldsmith’s class (the following year) during year one.  Owen was always excitable and loud.  He loves to talk but can be socially awkward, he also has Pica. We now know that Owen has ASD and are going through the diagnosis process now.  Owen also had issues with his speech, he struggled to pronounce his sounds correctly and lots of people got frustrated trying to understand him and he always got into trouble when people and other children would misunderstand what he was saying as it quite often sounded like he was swearing. 

Mrs Goldsmith brought our attention to Owen’s unusual eating habits and kept a close eye on him to make sure he didn’t eat anything dangerous.  She never treated him like he was a naughty child because he was louder than others or liked to speak more.  Instead she gently reminded him to use his indoor voice and listened to his stories.  She always asked him what he had said rather than just disciplining him for using bad language.  She then explained to the other children what he had said and that his words sounded different.  She treated Owen kindly and fairly and to this day still is one of his favourite teachers.  He was devastated when she left the school.  Owen was made to feel like part of the class and she helped the other children to understand, accept and enjoy his differences.

Mrs Goldsmith’s approach to teaching is one of a kind and I’d love to see more of it.  It had such a positive effect on both of my children.  The children come first and you can see she truly cares for each individual child rather than just results, as a mother this is more important to me.  She always made the boys feel that they could achieve their goals, they never felt inadequate or that they were underachieving.  Her encouragement made them work hard to succeed.

Mrs Avery

“1000% more positive than negative…he knows he can’t be Super green all of the time…We’re so proud of him and how far he’s come. [We often ask him] what would Anne say? He’s getting play times at school and making friends instead of staying in and finishing his work…You’ve not just helped Will – you’ve helped us as a family…For the first time ever he’s having a party – that’s massive…He’s let his friends play with his remote control tanks…He had a positive parents evening. Very good. His reading age is 9 years and 10 months – everything else is on par…Will got a Head Teacher’s Award for the first time in 3 years…I’ve recommended you to friends…” February 2017
“Hi lovely, he had a fantastic birthday & we’ve just had 1 full week of awesomeness from him 😊😊😊 we are really proud of him. Your superhero Will & Co xxx x” March 2017

Angie Norton

Will and I having fun in our second session – My Hero Will

On 4th February I exhibited at a SEND Information Day for Parents and Carers in Milton Keynes. I was inspired by this young man. This is Jake Parker and he came to talk to me at the event. I taught him 16 years ago – in my NQT year (my first year of teaching.) We had a great catch up and I found out about what Jake has been doing over the past few years. He remembered the things that I did to help him when I was his class teacher and the things that I taught him. Talking to Jake was the highlight of my day! Then to find out that he was at the event delivering a motivational talk to inspire others to overcome difficulties and struggles in life and achieve anything you want – made me so proud of him!