Behaviour Transformation Programme

Session 1

Initial Assessment Consultation

90 minute session includes a discussion with you as parent(s)/carers about your concerns with your child’s behaviour. Listen and talk to parent(s)/carer separately. (Approximately 15 minutes) Continue the session with your child on a 1-2-1 basis delivering my Behaviour Transformation Programme by talking to your child. Introducing myself and beginning to build a rapport with your child, understanding their feelings and needs and beginning to build a relationship of trust, respect and honesty. The session ends with a brief conversation with parent(s)/carer to discuss the initial assessment and observations from the first session.

The parent(s)/carer to complete a questionnaire at this stage – whilst consultant works with your child.

Session 2

90 minute session – this session begins with talking to parent(s)/carer and explaining your child’s triggers, discussing how your child’s behaviour has been since the first session and whether there have been any issues. (Approximately 15 mins) For the remaining 75 minutes I work on a 1-2-1 basis with your child, continuing to build rapport, discussing their feelings, helping them to understand their triggers and emotions and teaching them how to display their emotions in an acceptable way. This is achieved through a variety of activities. The session ends with a brief conversation with parent(s)/carer to discuss the progress made in the second session, providing any strategies or advice for moving forward.

Session 3

90 minutes – the session begins with talking to parent(s)/carer to discuss specific ways your child’s behaviour has improved. (15 mins) Continue to work with your child on a 1-2-1 basis delivering and concluding my Behaviour Transformation Programme. Discussing with your child everything we have focused on in previous sessions, including the strategies they have learnt to be able to cope in different situations. Explore with your child how they feel their behaviour has improved. Finally, collaborating on a Behaviour Plan, with full input from your child to ensure ownership and responsibility for their new behaviour.

The Behaviour Plan will be delivered in person or posted within the next 3 days (where possible – along with detailed strategies to support you, as the parent(s)/carer with managing your child’s behaviour.)

The parent(s)/carer and child to complete an evaluation at this stage.

*The one month follow up phone call will be on the same date (or nearest weekday from the final session) in the following month*

Payment of the total fee is payable IN ADVANCE prior to the commencement of the first session