Charity Work

Charity Work


I am involved with a number of charities.

I volunteer for a national charity in a local school once a week, to offer my experience of working with pupils displaying challenging behaviour and to facilitate behaviour transformation.

I am the Communications Co-ordinator for a charity called The Oasis Project (The Gambia.)  The charity’s aim is to improve education, healthcare and living conditions – with an emphasis on self reliance and sustainability.  The charity opened a nursery school in Gambia a year ago and is currently involved with local nurseries with a view to building an understanding between nurseries, countries and ultimately cultures.

Setting up recycling shop in Gambia
The Oasis Project (The Gambia) Nov 2008. Visiting Bakau, Gambia with the founder of The Oasis Project (The Gambia) Chris Hayter and friends to help set up the recycling shop.