I am a parent, a qualified teacher, a Positive Behaviour Consultant and a Parenting Coach. My business, Behaviour First Consultancy solves the problem of challenging behaviour in schools and homes creating happy teachers, staff, children and their parents. I can improve pupils’ learning  and progress, results and Ofsted Reports.  Through delivering my signature 1-2-1 programme, I can change and transform lives.

I support parents with children displaying worrying behaviour and behaviour causing them concern.

As a Qualified Teacher, I understand the importance of positive behaviour in order for children to become effective, keen learners and achieve their full potential.  Challenging behaviour can affect a child’s ability to learn and as a result have a negative effect on their self-esteem, confidence and academic progress.  Where this behaviour becomes disruptive, it can also have an impact upon the rest of the class and their learning.

I am passionate about positive behaviour support. I understand that behaviours manifest from a variety of triggers and other contributing factors.  I aim to work with the school, the child and the parent(s)/carer to support the learner in taking responsibility for their behaviour and changing their attitude towards learning.  My tailored 1-2-1 Behaviour Transformation Programme guides the pupil in understanding and discussing their emotions.  Pupils are taught how to display their emotions in a way that is acceptable.  As a result, they become keen, enthusiastic and independent learners.

My experience is gained from being a class teacher for many different classes where extreme challenging behaviour was an issue.  Over the course of each academic year, I worked with the children to set high expectations of behaviour, whilst being consistent and fair at all times, discussing any problems in a calm and  friendly manner.  I listened to each child and recognised positive behaviours amongst the challenging ones.  I also remained calm but firm at all times.  I continue to receive many positive comments on my former pupils, testimonials and success stories.

My approach is effective and will engage children and make them willing to participate within the classroom, build their self-esteem, self-confidence and will produce a noticeable positive change in their behaviour.  This will improve their progress and finally their academic achievement.  They will become willing to learn and keen to develop their potential.  

My strategies will support pupils who display challenging behaviour by helping them to:

  • become aware of the causes of their behaviour before the situation escalates
  • become more aware of, talk about and express their anger/emotions appropriately
  • take more responsibility for their actions
  • implement more effective coping strategies

My approach is centred around the child.  I focus on actively listening to the pupil and putting them at the heart of the process.  We identify the causes together, we put them into practice together, we reflect and adapt according to how the pupil responds.  This enables the child to have a sense of ownership for their new behaviour strategies.


Behaviour first – learning, achievement and success follows.